Writer | Photographer | Web Developer. Contributing Author at Gamer Rewind.
Writer | Photographer | Web Developer. Contributing Author at Gamer Rewind.

I'm a writer; I write anything & everything that invokes emotions in the hearts of the audience — Tattooing emotions on paper. Apart from being a writer, I'm also a photographer, web developer, graphic designer, social media manager & a video editor.   Read More...

Steps of Passion

By Asim in Romance | Reads: 307 | Likes: 0

It was our fourth date, a last-minute rendezvous, and she wanted to make up for the absence of time, she was up and ready. We rode in time for a late supper, the ambience was alluring, and the night had just begun. We babbled and dined for hours on end, we gazed at each other like silly fools on a d  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 01:13 AM

Struggles of Growth

By Asim in True Story | Reads: 252 | Likes: 1

Throughout our lives, we are told to stay strong, motivated and help others grow. How do we do that? Those are just statements. What do we do when we fall? How do we not fall back into the same pit of despair? Filled with our insecurities, our scars and the demons of depression.  In our steadil  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 10:03 PM

The World vs Corona

By Asim in General Literary | Reads: 321 | Likes: 1

During this challenging time, the world is going through a trauma of fear, panic and anxiety. How are we dealing with this pandemic? What must be done? We've been told to take Healthy Precautious Measures, Self-Isolation & Social distancing. For some individuals, however, Self-Isolation & So  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 09:59 PM

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