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Writer, Student
Writer, Student


By Jamuna Loganathan in Romance | Reads: 8,055 | Likes: 28

       I'm Jai, working in an IT company, at Bangalore for past six months. It's 10:00pm and I'm in train journey towards Chengalpattu. The train looks silent with cool breeze but I'm traveling to a event which is contrast to present scenario. Yes, a colourful wedding of my cousi  Read More...

Published on Jul 6,2022 02:56 PM

Money = love, family.......

By Jamuna Loganathan in Romance | Reads: 443 | Likes: 3

     Diya, a 3 year old beautiful  innocent angel. She can't able to speak. Dev and Ishika were Diya's parent. They were in hospital for  Diya's treatment. The doctor clearly said that she had the high possibilities to speak. He advised them to leave her among children. It m  Read More...

Published on May 15,2020 09:51 AM

Whether you are looking beautiful or ugly?

By Jamuna Loganathan in General Literary | Reads: 308 | Likes: 1

     What is beauty?  Who is beauty? What is the beautiful thing in the world? Whether make up  a girl is beauty?       I have an idea to find the answer for the above questions. Lets close your eyes, then start imagine about nature. You are standing info  Read More...

Published on Apr 20,2020 05:25 PM

Secret Story To Women

By Jamuna Loganathan in Thriller | Reads: 572 | Likes: 5

     Screat story to women deals with five girls. Let's see, the power of woman.      Jenifer, Sheeba, Reena and Banu were the four girls at college enjoyed their college life in wrong way. In that group, Jenifer was good  enough but other three  Read More...

Published on Apr 3,2020 08:33 AM

My first dream

By Jamuna Loganathan in Fantasy | Reads: 511 | Likes: 5

     It was an interesting evening. I was returned from my college through college bus. Our college bus driver was too talented person. He was fifty year old man filled with fun and responsibilities. Our driver talent was everyday our bus was chased by a bicycle rider. In that way, he  Read More...

Published on Mar 31,2020 12:41 PM

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