Anmol malhotra

The battle of cancer

By Anmol malhotra in True Story | Reads: 444 | Likes: 3

Its about 10 o clock in the morning when i was having my lunch with my parents....i am not able to eat my meal properly from a long days back  Tht day also the samething happens father and mother scolded me like other parents on not eating food , but no one knowns my inner situation even i  Read More...

Published on May 6,2020 11:27 AM

No more acid attacks

By Anmol malhotra in Crime | Reads: 537 | Likes: 0

Morning was awsm  She was so happy  Birds were chirping  Ants are eating food And as usual people are jogging  And some are reading news bulletins but the bike came in full swing  She was walking down the streat All over silence was there Some droplets suddenly wangled on he  Read More...

Published on May 5,2020 04:27 PM

Importance of will.power in our life

By Anmol malhotra in Poetry | Reads: 274 | Likes: 0

Why i am so quiet  Why i am so shiverring Why my soul is silent and My heart is whispering why my feets are so obsessed to talk To the roads Why my shoes are in so much hurry To lock my toes Why my shirt is so calm and sleeping In the almirah Why trees are laughing And clouds are drying Birds a  Read More...

Published on May 5,2020 03:38 PM

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