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Unnati Kotecha

Writer and Public speaker
Writer and Public speaker

Till Jealousy Do Us Apart

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 107 | Likes: 1

Ruskin Bond in his "The Eyes Have It" wrote : "Aunts are formidable creatures". Perhaps he should have done better replacing the aunt's part with that of a sister. Sisters and brothers are formidable creatures. If you grew up as an only child, good for you. If you grew up with siblings, I shall pray  Read More...

Published on Jun 19,2020 08:08 PM

That Must Be Me?

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 99 | Likes: 1

They're strolling down the alley by Ruby park. There's someone they despise. I can tell from their whispers. They're probably defaming a friend. Spilling tar over her reputation. That must be me. They're talking about me. Have I done something wrong? I don't recall going behind their back. I still   Read More...

Published on Jun 5,2020 09:15 PM

Beyond the City Lights

By Unnati Kotecha in Poetry | Reads: 264 | Likes: 1

A red building, ambience lightedInhabited by people, yet fully vacantThe jingling bangles laugh and hauntSmirk miserably, often release a sighTheir ringing have a melancholic tauntDeafs confuse it to be "visit again,bye"The tresspassers there are varied menSome new faces, some people oldFor it is a   Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 07:06 PM

The Proud Virus

By Unnati Kotecha in Poetry | Reads: 93 | Likes: 1

Flourishing,prospering and growing was humankind,Towards nature however,altogether blind.Mission Mars and exploration of life beyond Earth,Was all a step towards overcoming the dearth.Far long as eyes could see,over-exploitation was evident,The home to innumerables, became only human's resident.One   Read More...

Published on May 24,2020 02:04 AM

Sensitive - vity

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 127 | Likes: 1

The year was 2016, chilly Wednesday morning in the month of November. Everyone had gathered in the hall for breakfast. I was famished too, but kept myself to my room. I have always had a thing with toothaches, and this time, it was my wisdom tooth giving me chronic pain. She came to my room (if I ha  Read More...

Published on May 24,2020 02:00 AM

COLD : our bare lives

By Unnati Kotecha in Romance | Reads: 149 | Likes: 1

It was a bit cold out there, so I set the loathed leather-jacketed file ablaze. Next thing I know, I found myself drawing in deep breaths of the fumes, and sipping on the last delicacy from the refrigerator -- a bottle of red wine. He was still sitting on the cherry red couch which he had moved into  Read More...

Published on May 22,2020 12:55 AM


By Unnati Kotecha in Poetry | Reads: 115 | Likes: 1

I was walking down the lane,Which lead to nowhere fastBefore I took a halt to watchHow long the street scene'd lastIt happened so, that a figure queer,By transgender whom we know,Had rammed into a car.And the driver's voice gulped low,As he faced the mob bizzare.The inebrieted driver nearly imbrued;  Read More...

Published on Apr 25,2020 11:06 PM


By Unnati Kotecha in Romance | Reads: 482 | Likes: 4

Urmi:That evening, although the sky was frequently overcast, it was at no time dark. The rain-bearing wind was blowing in squalls from the southeast and I, inviting not only the rain, but also the tattered images of some memories, sat by the window wearing a cerulean dress. A cold zephyr touched the  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 02:07 AM

Pretty Ugly

By Unnati Kotecha in Poetry | Reads: 141 | Likes: 1

It's okay to be ugly, Your skin doesn't have to glow. It's okay to feel good in it, What's in it to feel low? You're not a sculpture! Weren't crafted for perfection, Why'd you wish being polished? Dear, polished is your reflection. Even the finest sculpture in world Can't feel, lacks soul, can't spe  Read More...

Published on Apr 9,2020 09:37 PM

Hope Regretted It!

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 137 | Likes: 0

If Hope had shouted " Brother, please, if not about yourself- atleast think what'll happen to me" the whole scene would have been different.Hope lived in a dilapidated building's locked up room, where the creaking floorboard's ants and the scurrying mice were her only friends. The only sight that th  Read More...

Published on Apr 3,2020 08:24 PM

The 8th Day - Part II

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 151 | Likes: 1

That night, I replayed the tape from our meeting on my mind over and over again. It was the moment.I was hoping that I'd move a step closer to what I wanted,and like every other thing,this time too I'll get it. The laws of which I knew so little were visibly working before me. The ambience added to   Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 02:44 PM

The 8th Day

By Unnati Kotecha in General Literary | Reads: 229 | Likes: 1

It started one evening at a café.I was looking at my phone, occasionally throwing glances outside the glass window, waiting for a friend. Meanwhile inside the café, the piano keys were perfectly syncopating with the guitar. The voice of the first performer was no less than the ringing   Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 02:23 AM

Rose coloured glasses

By Unnati Kotecha in Fantasy | Reads: 164 | Likes: 1

Was I only seeing it through rose coloured glasses? If I was, you know not how terrible it is to conjure a life for yourself which only exists from the inside out. And if I wasn't, then where did it all go away - the liveliness which once embraced me like the sweet fragrance lingering about lilies w  Read More...

Published on Apr 1,2020 02:14 AM

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