Miss Supriya Senapati

Something changed

By Miss Supriya Senapati in True Story | Reads: 232 | Likes: 1

From strangers to friends From friends to best friends From best friends to lovers ❤️ Something changed..... Something changed that only they two can understand. From wishing each other good morning, good night, love you; to we don't talk anymore. Something changed... From thousands of messages   Read More...

Published on Apr 13,2020 07:50 PM


By Miss Supriya Senapati in Poetry | Reads: 165 | Likes: 1

From a little girl to a young girl, She learned that; She have to live alone with surroundings full of people, She have to hide those painful tears behind her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. From a little daughter to a grown up daughter, She learned that; A father will not come to protect his da  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 08:05 PM


By Miss Supriya Senapati in Mystery | Reads: 560 | Likes: 1

He is like a star for her , whom she can only admire. He is a dream which can never be true. Of course he is a very good friend of her. But will she ever be able to love him just as a friend....?  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 12:35 PM

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