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Dentist by profession Writer by heart
Dentist by profession Writer by heart



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Prachi crossed all her limits to win a fight from a stranger. Will she succeed or find herself trapped in other difficult situations?? Will the thing that she hated the most “LOVE”, is going to bring her out of hibernation.

A doctor dreams of becoming a successful writer against her parents will but she will have to sacrifice something cherished by her the most before she could achieve.

Two love stories of different people in differ

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By Dr. Venus Bansal in True Story | Reads: 326 | Likes: 0

  Mishthi and Raghav were made for each. They had a relationship of 7 years and then got married easily without anyone’s objections. Everything was so beautiful. They had love and only love between them. But like they say nothing is perfect in this world Raghav was doing a hard job a  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 02:57 PM

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