Indie Author Championship #6

Kanishka Roy

Undergraduate Marine engineering student. Trying to understand the world one story at a time
Undergraduate Marine engineering student. Trying to understand the world one story at a time

Violet, Red and Everything in between

By Kanishka Roy in General Literary | Reads: 480 | Likes: 8

Two lines. Positive. That’s what the test kit said. Double lines mean pregnant.  This shouldn’t have happened. Not now, when everything was perfect. ************* Red. Not the bright screaming shade, more like stubborn acne marks. Once, it was white. A dazzling porcelain, out of  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 05:12 PM


By Kanishka Roy in Poetry | Reads: 121 | Likes: 0

There's black, and then there's white, Like the foreseen darkness,and the inevitable light, The pure pain of truth, the unholy comfort of lie, For the cycle to end, everything else must die. Agree? Disagree? You're simply preaching to the choir, Like the advocate of the devil, or the righteous god'  Read More...

Published on May 28,2020 08:29 PM

Night in Shining Armour

By Kanishka Roy in Poetry | Reads: 258 | Likes: 1

My being longs to reveal itself, But light crawls through my skin, Asks my fingers where they've been, Running through my soddy breast, Or slipping through the Phoenix Nest. My being longs to reveal itself, But the monster's screams break my soul, They keep warm, as I burn like coal, I'm a cruel  Read More...

Published on May 27,2020 06:47 PM

Limbo of the lost

By Kanishka Roy in Thriller | Reads: 667 | Likes: 18

As first impressions go, his were never great. He looked more like a castaway than the captain of a ship. He was in his early 60's. He had shaggy salt and pepper hair  ending at his shoulders. A patch of yellow around his lips faded into a discolored white beard, slowly encroaching it's way do  Read More...

Published on May 13,2020 06:44 PM

Humans and Reptiles

By Kanishka Roy in Poetry | Reads: 126 | Likes: 0

The last of the free thinkers,Oogle-eyed Google intellects,Stoned on their incomplete knowledge,Masturbating in the face of a pseudo-conflict,Not knowing what to know,But to only speak and speak and speak,These 4-chambered hearts teach 3-chambered ones, That wall-crawling is not the way of civil bre  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 04:05 AM

I tried

By Kanishka Roy in Poetry | Reads: 202 | Likes: 6

Longest arm of the clock squeaks, Hurrying to catch the running time, Sun's yellow deepens quietly into orange, Avoiding the shorter route to darkness, Blunt of the wind sharpens to bite, And the bare-chested creatures retreat, For the lights are also about to go, The switch is turned off, They can  Read More...

Published on Apr 24,2020 05:11 PM

Cross fire

By Kanishka Roy in War Story | Reads: 240 | Likes: 12

Every day, exactly at 7a.m., the old man with his old side bag would report for work. He changed two trains and walked 2k.m. to reach the academy. His job in the morning was to open the gates on time, roll the carpets on the floor, make sure the first-aid box was in place, fill the water filters, a  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 02:53 AM

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