#National Writing Competition


Helen Of Mars

By Yatin in Sci-fi | Reads: 174 | Likes: 1

The date is 28th October, the year 3019. It was on this day 11 year's back that the story's protagonist Helen was adopted by a couple - Lucas and Hector. For this special day the couple were going to The Earth Museum located in Ashlew City on the planet Mars. (oh, didn't I tell you?) The Earth is no  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 03:08 AM

My Vulnerable Self

By Yatin in Poetry | Reads: 229 | Likes: 8

Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain, Hiding the tears that fall like rain. Saying I'm fine when I'm anything but. This ache in my soul rips at my gut. My skin is on fire; I burn from within. The calm on my face is an ongoing sin. The world must stay out; I've built up a wall. My fragile lie will collap  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 03:01 AM

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