Sujisha Subrahmanian

Poetess, novelist, short story writer
Poetess, novelist, short story writer


Raindrops of Pain

Books by Sujisha Subrahmanian

"With every  raindrops,

Thousands of memories flowing.

And there was a flood of pain again."

These collection of poems, delve into the souls of their creators who remain undaunted by the trials they had to face and emerged like phenixes.

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Oath of Love

Books by Sujisha Subrahmanian

“OATH OF LOVE” is a collection of love and heartbreak poetries. It is not just a book, it is a mix of emotions. All these poems speak about the passion, desire, vulnerability of being in love, hope, rage and love for life. When you decide to share your life with someone, your whole world is completely different. Words may never enough to express this powerful feeling. Love is a beautiful thing which make you believe in everything and make you a per

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Shining Dreams

Books by Sujisha Subrahmanian

'A Dream, A Vision, A Goal, A Desire'

These are all things we need when we are working towards success. Your dreams have no limit, you are the creator of your dream., big or small. If you follow your dreams then you will have something worth sharing with others, hope, inspiration and a meaning to live.

"SHINING DREAMS" is an anthology of poems, short stories, articles and quotes. That includes the idea of Dreams. We featuring poets and writers

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By Sujisha Subrahmanian in Poetry | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0

I dwell amoung the green mountains,  I stay lonely here from years, My soul was silent and sincere.  The pure water was flowing,  Without any poison. The trees are blooming, Without any pressure. In the deepest forest,  I hear the sound of my soul.  In this beautiful nature, I was in love with   Read More...

Published on Feb 23,2021 11:29 AM

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