Shama Dinesh


By Shama Dinesh in Poetry | Reads: 303 | Likes: 0

Mortals surviving in the land of the living Some struggling to scrape by, others outrageous We are but a pile of bones and flesh That diverges from the sole, monotonous mankind People detached from their own Families split, emotions torn In the name of belief, do they all Lose their last bit of co  Read More...

Published on Apr 8,2020 08:31 PM

Whispers of the Dead

By Shama Dinesh in Poetry | Reads: 247 | Likes: 0

Won’t you, won’t you, ever remember me The last pitiful last glance before you chose to flee Abandoning me, you turned deaf to my plea A stranger at Death’s door, you turned to be   Will you, will you, ever save me I am trapped, buried underneath, please set me free Helpless I  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 08:59 PM

Hymn for the Dead

By Shama Dinesh in Poetry | Reads: 331 | Likes: 0

The night time terror reigned the streets At the brink of death, humanity retreats Distress weaving its way inside In the awakening of the Grim Reaper’s bride   Desperate, shall you look into the mirror Stare into the eyes of the demons of hunger Humanity is fading, suffering, and dying Y  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 08:55 PM

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