Vasundhara Mukherjee

Pink bougainvillea pressed in a book.
Pink bougainvillea pressed in a book.

Vasundhara Mukherjee is a Masters student of International Relations at Jadavpur University. She dreams to live and reads to escape. More often than not, you’d find her with a pen and notebook in her hand. She is an introvert in person but an extrovert between the lines of a story.Read More...

Chopper Circuit

By Vasundhara Mukherjee in True Story | Reads: 544 | Likes: 0

"I'm swimming in an ocean and its liquid black, the colour of water. I'm not on the surface but I'm swimming inside this bottomless ocean. I can't understand where the ocean floor is, I don't know where the surface boundary is. I can't see the light refracting as it hits the water because if I did,   Read More...

Published on Apr 9,2020 10:17 AM

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