#National Writing Competition

Tejal Bagwe


By Tejal Bagwe in Poetry | Reads: 134 | Likes: 2

This lockdown has been nothing but A trade of despair, an unplanned warfare. A game of politics and a fight between religion, A treat for the rich and suffering for the poor. A new day begins with a sad news everyday, Hearts aching from the deaths that have come. Working from home and online lecture  Read More...

Published on May 18,2020 12:00 PM

Mystical Nostalgia

By Tejal Bagwe in General Literary | Reads: 357 | Likes: 4

It was a regular day. I was on my way back home, the evening crowd and mutters echoed around. It was 6:15 in the evening and still ten minutes to my stop when I saw an old notebook lying on the metro seat opposite of me. I waited to see if someone picked it up but no one seemed to care. The last sta  Read More...

Published on Apr 21,2020 07:10 PM


By Tejal Bagwe in Poetry | Reads: 230 | Likes: 3

Imagine us, Lying in the meadow,Holding hands; Under the sky, You say wonderful things to me; I will be coy about it, You make stupid jokes; I'll laugh on it, Dreaming about our future and kissing the hell out of each other. Imagine, This to be a happy ending of our incomplete story, If you and I be  Read More...

Published on Apr 9,2020 12:24 PM

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