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The Untold Story of Sillod

By sanket ghodeswar in True Story | Reads: 271 | Likes: 0

After so many days, the brief discussion on the sillod rape incident doesn’t appear in mainstream media. Even social media is speaking on selective issues regarding this incident. Frankly speaking, neither the protest and the news will rebirth the mother and daughter nor the son of that mother  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 07:13 PM

The Interior of Women's Body is not a Knocking Shop

By sanket ghodeswar in True Story | Reads: 288 | Likes: 0

Under a dusk sky, holding each other hand the couple was roaming down the street. The couple was always energetic to visit new places. But that day the path took them to the unknown venue. Both of them got confused in choosing the way for their further journey. Literary, for some seconds they look a  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 07:07 PM

Action & Reaction Formulate Social Distancing

By sanket ghodeswar in General Literary | Reads: 161 | Likes: 0

The minds of the downtrodden or marginalized community can easily be ignited on egotism is the perception of the politician so that they can elevate themselves to top position and to a large extent they are successful in implementing this action plan. The spider ejects its web so that prey can get t  Read More...

Published on Apr 10,2020 06:54 PM

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