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Sasikumar Nithyanandam

Life Coach & Public Speaker
Life Coach & Public Speaker

Sasikumar Nithyanandam is an inspiring author and certified life coach. He is on his life mission to help people to overcome their fear and help them achieve their highest potential possible. He is specialized in human emotions and uncovering your greater potentials and possibilities in your life through a systematic life coaching system. He runs an Incredible You ProgramTM, a 10-week coaching system that is time tested and works every time.  Please visit his FB page for more deatils. More...


Books by Sasikumar Nithyanandam

Fear can be used as your bridge or barricade towards achieving your potential. With the understanding of basics of fear this choice could be ours to make at any given point of time or at any given stage of our life. Once we reach this state of understanding about our fears and to start using it to our favor then imagination can only be our limitation. This book is for those who are either feeling stuck in their life routine or unable to find possibilities to h

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Greener and Cleaner

By Sasikumar Nithyanandam in General Literary | Reads: 80 | Likes: 0

During lockdown, last couple of weeks it has been so tough for many of us and mainly those who was always busy and keeping themselves occupied. My experience about this lock down also started on the same note. But slowly I started to appreciate small things which I started to notice only during lock  Read More...

Published on Apr 27,2020 05:36 PM

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