10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

Ajay Satpathy

Horn NotOK Please

By Ajay Satpathy in Thriller | Reads: 159 | Likes: 0

CHAPTER 1“He’s still breathing. Someone help! Call an ambulance.” Blood dripping from his forehead and elbow, as he lay unconscious. People came rushing to save him from beating down to death. What really happened? A bunch of drunk goons thrashed the victim and were seen fleeing aw  Read More...

Published on Apr 15,2020 02:43 PM

Lost Soul

By Ajay Satpathy in Poetry | Reads: 133 | Likes: 0

Scrolling down the memory filled with gallons of happiness  Every picture screams, stories of our madness. Where our desires seeked more than oblivion  The value of our endearment has now lost its position.  Charm so pure, a beauty blessed with shimmers of gold. An enchanting alchemis  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 01:35 PM

Mio Amore

By Ajay Satpathy in Poetry | Reads: 159 | Likes: 0

From a stirring world to building a world of excitement,Mutual comfort certainly builds a long-lived entanglement.An engagement which couldn't be elucidated initially,Has now cherished it's significance unconditionally. A gift to cherish can never be perished.A beautiful relation becomes a bond to b  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 01:33 PM

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