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Snehal Amol Patil

General literature
General literature

बाबांच्या आठवणींत रमलेले मन...!

By Snehal Amol Patil in True Story | Reads: 283 | Likes: 8

        १९ मे ... बाबांची पुण्यतिथी ... बाबा म्हणजे माझे आजोबा...प्रेमाने आम्ही भावंडे आजोबांना बाबा म्हणायचो...बाबा  Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 03:58 PM

Slice of Life...!

By Snehal Amol Patil in General Literary | Reads: 520 | Likes: 11

  After a dinner, we used to take a short night walk and afterward used to sit on swing for sometime.So one day, we followed our same routine and when we sat on swing, my husband said, "wah...what a beautiful night it is !" I looked at him with some weird expressions and asked him, "What's beau  Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 10:57 PM

COVID-19 : Is it an eye-opener ?

By Snehal Amol Patil in General Literary | Reads: 643 | Likes: 8

    During Covid-19 pandemic, stores are shutdown, public gathering are banned, travel is restricted, physical/social distancing imposed, so this is some form of lockdown, just to slow down the spread of Covid-19. As every coin has two sides in the same way that, all of these having positi  Read More...

Published on Apr 14,2020 11:05 PM

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