Khushi Patel

A Beautiful Mess

By Khushi Patel in Poetry | Reads: 163 | Likes: 1

She's a teen of 17 Daydreaming, a crazy freak!! The room's terrific, Bed's improper, blanket- A replica of Himalayan peaks. Bags empty, books scattered, The wardrobe screaming At the top of its lungs. Pen and cap, one sock from other Both separated by means of distance, Like a soldier from his bel  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 10:24 AM

The Cravings of the Sun

By Khushi Patel in Poetry | Reads: 238 | Likes: 1

The Sun glares at the life on earth With the innocent face of a child As if it's the only planet bearing life   Maybe it is the only one With such prevelant lifestyle Searching for a soul As pure as if it's own And as unique like none   That resembles him And has the potential To stand out  Read More...

Published on Apr 17,2020 10:57 AM

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