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Mann nai karta tera deedar karu ...Roo roo kar tujhe yaad karu...Choda nai  vaisa ki abb khud se dobarara pyar karu..leliya sab kuch mujhse aur kya tujhpe kurban karu.... Jo ubharte thae kabhi naam sunkar mera kyu ubbh gaye abb mujhse..karke wade hasar kyu chuk gaye khudse....mere calls ko talt  Read More...

Published on Apr 30,2020 04:10 AM


By Ango Aparna in True Story | Reads: 214 | Likes: 1 all started when we were in 12th class preparing for the very first step of our future..met at an institution we were soo close to each other but never realised that we shall get in relation in no time... So beautiful were those days when u try approching each other wants to get connected th  Read More...

Published on Apr 27,2020 04:37 AM


By Ango Aparna in Poetry | Reads: 230 | Likes: 2

Kisi Anjane se uhi mulakat  nai hoti ..kisi anjane se uhi mulakat nai hoti...jarur likha hai khuda ne uska naam meri zindagi mei..varna haste hasate ye survat nai hoti....! Bin kuch kare khush thae hum..bin kuch kare hi khush thae hum...ishq mei tere mashroof thae hum..nahi chahte thae vo pyala  Read More...

Published on Apr 23,2020 01:51 AM


By Ango Aparna in True Story | Reads: 383 | Likes: 2

Wow......amazing to see the one whos reading this have got a gender...but did u ever wonder there are certain spieces out there born as a gender op's so called male and female and when they finally grow doesnt seem to get features what were expected out from them..sad right do you ever wonder whats   Read More...

Published on Apr 21,2020 03:24 AM

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