Uma Chandrasekar

Confessions of a street dweller

By Uma Chandrasekar in Poetry | Reads: 299 | Likes: 0

Confessions of a Street dweller   Sitting along with my friend of years, As I share some of the forgotten memories, Droplets of tears start welling up in my eyes, Because now, they just don’t see as they only perceive, The mind presents a clear picture and not amorphous, Which is hard to accept   Read More...

Published on Feb 27,2021 11:52 AM

Thank you, Corona

By Uma Chandrasekar in Poetry | Reads: 516 | Likes: 1

   Thank You, Corona Get up early, go to work, Come home, go to bed. A plain monotonous lifestyle, Went up for a toss, On the wake of a newly found disease, That actually brought people close, By forcing them to stay at home. A very emphatic good night’s tale, Of the grandma to hear  Read More...

Published on Jun 10,2020 07:02 PM

Please... love the children too

By Uma Chandrasekar in General Literary | Reads: 747 | Likes: 3

  Please... Love the Children too             The new world as it was forced upon us totally entombed the already buried humanity inside us. One thing I learnt during this “stay together by staying apart movement” is that the more we  Read More...

Published on May 19,2020 06:50 PM

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