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P Karthigayan

Hailing from a family of Siddha medicine practitioners and being influenced by ancient matters from childhood, P Karthigayan, the author, had many pressing questions on creation, nature, gods, fate, etc. His attempts to understand these oft-debated topics related to society led him to be interested in mythologies, folklore, ancient literature, religious scripts, medical notes and finally Siddhas' works, including their seemingly religious renderings. He felt that most of the scripts of Siddhas were not transparent and had some secret teachings interlaced in them that led him to research oRead More...

History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu

Books by P Karthigayan

Siddhas were mystics of ancient India. They believed that human race was created to excel in knowledge and help human societies form an advanced civilization on the Earth. They knew that they needed to live longer and even become immortals to achieve this goal.

In Indian context Siddhas were considered as doctors but in Western context, such people were called Philosophers. Nevertheless, a deeper understanding of Siddhas' poetic scripts reveals their dif

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