Debashree Roy

Writer and Poet
Writer and Poet

Debashree Roy is a poet and a writer. She is from West Bengal, India. She is a high-school student currently living in Maharashtra. She started writing at the age of 12 and experienced many places and cultures.Read More...


Wild phoenix

Books by Debashree Roy

This poetry book is about rediscovering and reforming ourselves. This book discusses the topic of depression, friendship, forgiveness and self-love.

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Forgotten girl

By Debashree Roy in Poetry | Reads: 350 | Likes: 0

Standing alone as an traveller, or the girl who was forgotten. I walked with you everyday but my steps not been discovered. I cry, I laugh  with the fillings I borrow  But as an forgotten girl I stood, alone in this world, like a traveller trapped in woods, searching for a dearer path. I  Read More...

Published on May 8,2020 07:49 PM


By Debashree Roy in Poetry | Reads: 413 | Likes: 1

When the clock of time turn to the day we met, When the flowers bloosmed on every tree, When the birds sang the sweetest song for the friendship in our hearts.   Maybe you don't remember me after those harsh days of sorrow, Maybe you'll ask  my name, Maybe you'll say, you don't have me in   Read More...

Published on May 8,2020 07:46 PM


By Debashree Roy in Poetry | Reads: 456 | Likes: 0

I try I fall, at every step I stand up tall, at moment’s end. But still I know That life is hard Like a plant of Rosa MACdub For some the petals of happiness For some the thorns of war. But still our lives, mysteriously attracts Like a swirl, of unknown chemicals To change our mind, and heart.  Read More...

Published on May 8,2020 07:44 PM

The devil's diamond

By Debashree Roy in Thriller | Reads: 227 | Likes: 1

It was dark; the street was so lonely, suddenly! An old woman appeared in front of my car, I tried to stop the car and I woke up, and found that it was a nightmare. I’m Mary Watson, an archaeologist and it all started when, I got the work of searching “The Devil’s Diamond”. T  Read More...

Published on May 3,2020 08:00 PM

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