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An arena where you can give your words, thoughts, ideas a platform to shine.
An arena where you can give your words, thoughts, ideas a platform to shine.

Wings of Destiny

Books by Srishti Sharma

"Wings of Destiny" is an anthology in which 40+ writers had contributed. It is a bilingual collection of prose and short stories beautifully penned by young and amazing writers.

This anthology is compiled by Srishti Sharma. 

All the write-ups of this anthology will take you to a new version and give a blissful feeling.

Every writer tries to put positivity and uniqueness in their work.

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Parallel Love

Books by Arshi Fatima

Skylar Blues
 12:51 PM (7 hours ago) 
to Skylar
Parallel love,  is an anthology book containing the tales about love. Everyone must have felt love once in their life, or maybe some may be waiting for it. Love, the purest emotion. This book carries different tales from different people around th

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Untrodden Path

Books by Meenakshi , Sanjana Gupta

Untrodden Path is a fictional book. it is full of bilingual poetry, prose, oneliners, and stories. just like an unused path, which people rarely choose and to go through that path need courage, determination, faith; we do things with are tough, they may lead us to success or maybe we fail but we will never remain in guilt; the guilt of not trying. This book is filled with these couraging thoughts.

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The Pillow Talks

Books by Sanjana Gupta

We may smile and joked around but a smiling face doesn't mean we are happy. It's just we don't sing our pain to the world. We need someone's shoulder to cry on. But not everyone has that someone. So, they found solace in the diary, by letting their pain out in form of words. Some cry their heart, in the darkest hour of the night, in some corner, in their pillow.

The Pillow Talks is a bilingual fiction book, house of the thoughts that keep on hurti

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Let It Go

Books by Meenakshi

“Let It Go” is a bilingual collection of poetry, and prose, beautifully penned by young talented writers, and compiled by Meenakshi.

This book is a bundle of every emotion. The main aim of this book is to free the emotions from your heart and let them go. The specialty of this book is that title of every write-up is “Let It Go” for the English version and “जाने भी दो” or “जाने भी द

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Books by Meenakshi

This book is dedicated to every single mother in the world as a gratitude for being strong. In this anthology, writers express their feelings and thoughts in form of stories, letters, poems, and proses. 
This book weaves to connect every reader with the struggled journey of singles moms.

*"Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong."*
        - Meg Lowrey.

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Books by Meenakshi

“Typewriter- Imprint Your Thoughts” is a bilingual collection of poetry, prose, and short stories beautifully penned by young talented writers, and compiled by Meenakshi.

This book is a bundle of every emotion, from first love to the last goodbye, from musings to tea talks, from solitude to dreams, etc.

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चंद लफ़्ज़ों की दास्ताँ

Books by कोमल डढवाल

"चंद लफ़्ज़ों की दास्ताँ " अपने नाम की तरह ही, चंद पंक्तियों में बयान है। हर लेखक/ लेखिका ने अपनी दास्ताँ को चंद शब्दों में, शायरी के रूप में प्रस्तुत किया है। कहीं प्यार तो कहीं नफर

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Frozen Words

Books by Meenakshi

"FROZEN WORDS" is a collection of poems, written by young talented writers. Each poem has its own story, emotions and feelings. This book covers different themes like - love, Hate, Friendship, Self-Love, Nature etc. 


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Books by Meenakshi

The common question " how are you??" and a commoner is its answer " I'm fine. ". It sounds so easy and simple but the mere answer I'm fine is nothing but a lie. Do we actually understand this question and the true feelings behind it?  Some asked this question as it's the rule to start a conversation and for some, they truly feel that the person in front of them isn't fine. We simply answer, I'm fine but we aren't. No one knows, the inner war of our heart

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Books by Meenakshi And Komal Dadhwal

In the modern era, the heartwarming three words ' I love you' become the normal greeting phrase. whenever we meet or take a leave, ' love you' becomes a pet word. Love: An Illusion, is a short, free verse, poetry book which conveys, a story of love, remains one-sided.

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