Indie Author Championship #6

Arunima Datta

Soaked Emotions

By Arunima Datta in Poetry | Reads: 101 | Likes: 0

A Night of solace and mingled flood of emotions,  dunked in the lyrical melody of the droplets,  of the thunderous anarchy of weather, roars and hits your window pane..    As you're sitting by it in complete darkness, pondering upon your  numb heart and expressively leaning&  Read More...

Published on May 26,2020 02:19 AM


By Arunima Datta in Poetry | Reads: 90 | Likes: 0

Darling!!! Let's replace Our Cold and Dead  Silence with Warm and Spirited Words, to allow the wrenching Heart  to finally drop a tear of bliss.   By melting the intense berg of ice cold Silence, with blazing warm Words of unbridled endearment.. #writeyourheartout   Read More...

Published on May 15,2020 11:24 PM

The Dark Camouflage

By Arunima Datta in Poetry | Reads: 103 | Likes: 0

Night is where I belong.. I gather all my crumbled pieces and gradually unveil myself from the masquerade that I clad myself in, as an attire, throughout the Day.. For.. I shed and peel off my aching camouflaged skin and expose myself in layers to the darkness and taciturnity of it.. Slowly amalgama  Read More...

Published on May 15,2020 11:35 AM

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