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David T Nicholas

Author ,poet ,writer and a teacher
Author ,poet ,writer and a teacher

About David T Nicholas Born on the Eight month of the Roman calendar on the 13th day in the year 1990 . Was the seventh born in my family out of Eight all of us were born at home and  All of it  happened In one of the most blessed countries in the world in a state called Nagaland very little can i remember of it is a state in the north-east of India beautiful tales and wonders of beauty one would call it really proud to be born in a place i just heard off . wonderful is in it I've just surprised you by saying i was born in a place I've just heard yes that is my life full of surprises and advRead More...


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A portrait of a broken heart

Books by David T Nicholas

A poetry book of love and romance a collection of poetry over the years of my life my experiences with love where one can connect easily with and can feel the love and pain I felt along.
An extract from one of my poems called "A portrait of a broken heart "

But the inside of the portrait 
A dark black sadness, 
Of pixels so black and dark
that could never be mixed 
with any colour to make it bright
The portrait of

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The Rustle of leaves and other poems of nature

Books by David T Nicholas

This book speaks of the love that I have for nature in the form of poetry and poetry always comes right from my heart. The poetries in this book are written with great love and my experiences and the bond I share with nature in a very special and unique way. and I am so sure the reader will definitely be able to connect with nature in the ways that I have conected to it .

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The laughing gas and other poems

Books by David T Nicholas

This book had been composed of Poetry Especially for children can be read by adults of diffrent ages . the book in itself is composed with all types of poetry  funny , Emotional etc... here is a snippet of the poem " the Laughing gas " 

I wondered what this really was

And how i got a bottle full.

I Opened the cap to take a look

It felt so good i began to smile and laugh ,

read the book to find out more about th

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The Misfortunate Flower

By David T Nicholas in Children's Literature | Reads: 831 | Likes: 8

There was once a little girl named Tatiana who lived with her mother, father and her little brother in a cottage that was near a dense forest she loved them all very dearly. her father was a wood cutter he used to city wood and sell them in the nearby towns and villages and run his family they were   Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 12:58 PM

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