Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi

Author of Mass Communication Books, General and Miscellaneous
Author of Mass Communication Books, General and Miscellaneous

Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi (suman@sumankasturi.com) holds a PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication from Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU). He is the first recipient of a PhD in JMC from ANU. Academics is his passion — his first love. Dr Kasturi’s mission in life is not merely to survive, but to flourish; and to do so with some zeal and style, he has been dedicating his personal and leisure time to academic research and teaching. He is a multifaceted mass communicator, who holds master's degrees in Mathematics, Chemistry, Public Relations, Psychology, Human Rights, English Literature, and HuRead More...


Musings of a Muse

Books by Dr. Suman Kumar Kasturi

Life is a continuous chain of experiences. These experiences are both good and bad but both help us live a more educated and productive life. Nonetheless, it is practically not possible to experience everything in the ephemeral life. Yet, it is possible to get second-hand experiences inspired by the lives of others. Yes, it is been inside all of us — the power of observing things. But, what differs from a person to person is — the confidence, talen

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