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Avinash Kulkarni

What's Your Plan B?

Books by Avinash Kulkarni

Job security is a Myth, today, and more than ever. Life keeps throwing unexpected shocks and challenges. In a career, it could be a layoff, a sudden injury, unpredicted office politics, or a downturn in the industry, forcing us out of job.

This situation can be shattering and nerve-wracking, impacting the mental state, finances, family, and life as a whole, both for self and loved ones. It can make one feel desperate, worthless, and miserable.

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Harmonica for Beginners

Books by Saitejas Chandrashekar

Harmonica for Beginners; The Joy of Playing Harmonica (Mouth Organ) – (With notations for 20 popular Indian Songs and Melodies)

Harmonica for Beginners will help you get started with playing songs on the Harmonica (Mouth Organ), in an easy way. The book gives insights on the basics of the harmonica, types of harmonica, parts of harmonica, how to begin, Harmonica playing techniques. 


It also introduces you t

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Be A HobbyPreneur

Books by Avinash Kulkarni

Be A HobbyPreneur

Convert Your Hobby to Business in 7 Days,

Make Profits Doing What You Love


Are you wasting your Talents?

What if you could make Money from your Hobby?

Or make your Hobby your Career?

The Book "HobbyPreneur". Convert Your Hobby to Business in 7 Days - is a step by step guide to start you

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Hopes Never Die

Books by Vasant P. Gharote.

Life is a beautiful fabric weaved together with emotions, dreams, aspirations, challenges, rise, fall and with most myriad experiences. "Hopes Never Die" & other short stories is a bouquet of observations and experiences from various facets of life.

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