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Charmi Jain

An amateur writer
An amateur writer

Meri Ma ❤

By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 130 | Likes: 1

Mothers are caring,They are very daring,They are so kind,To anyone you can find. They teach us manners,Helps in making banners,They like making doodles,Who cooks our favourite noodles.They are our first teachers,And also our preachers,They fill our tummy,By making our food yummy.They don't like us t  Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2020 03:49 PM


By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 163 | Likes: 1

You are my day,You are my night,You make my way,For all things right.You know how to cook,You know how to shake,You read me my favorite book,And you don't take a break.You love to play,You help me with my test,You know how to slay,Since you are the best.You make it seem easy,You make it look so ligh  Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2020 03:47 PM

Love ❤

By Charmi Jain in Poetry | Reads: 127 | Likes: 1

Love is kind,Love is to care,Love is blind,Cuz love is to be fair.Love is hollow, Love is liking, I hope you follow,Why this is striking.Love is sad,Love is pain,It makes you mad,But there's a lot to gain.Love is shy,Love makes your cry,What shall I say oh my,Love is all about try.Love is   Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2020 03:44 PM

The Cheerleaders are DEAD

By Charmi Jain in Mystery | Reads: 196 | Likes: 10

The weather was always breathtaking in the beautiful town of Lanshire. It was a home to huge daffodil gardens spread all across the town. But.... It was also the home for the most horrendous murder mystery. It all began in the year 2006. Girls started getting missing after school and their bodies we  Read More...

Published on Jun 1,2020 04:35 PM

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