Udita Saroha

Education Marketeer and freelance writer
Education Marketeer and freelance writer

The abode

By Udita Saroha in Supernatural | Reads: 547 | Likes: 3

Tixie, as everyone lovingly calls her is not her real name. Her name is Dhuni. As rhythmic as her name, every word she spoke reverberated with an ornate sound. A spectacle to every sight, she is every parent's dream. An ideal child. As years passed, she is now a striking beauty of twenty two. Standi  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2020 01:46 AM


By Udita Saroha in Poetry | Reads: 616 | Likes: 3

With the stroke of midnight hour We celebrate arrival of a novel 2020. Isn't the new year full of plans? Oh I will be a Globetrotter I will get my driver license I am so going to learn that new language The list is exhaustive. Some disrupting news doing rounds Some danger taking its ground. "Oh whe  Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 01:49 AM

Curve of your lips

By Udita Saroha in Romance | Reads: 551 | Likes: 6

It was a humid afternoon in August when their paths first met. He was shy and blushed almost at everything. She was fierce and vocal. He noticed her but for her he was just another he. Destiny played it's notorious trick when in the second semester they were both moved to the same section. This shif  Read More...

Published on Jun 2,2020 12:31 AM

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