Kaushik Chaudhary

I am a dental surgeon at north gujarat region in India. I am a keen resercher of physics and a deeply realized spiritual personality. I have developed a new unified theory connecting science and spirituality in one continuous process. My first book It's not a Creation, It's a Projection through Expression" is about the same theory. The book is the best scientific answer ever given in the human history to the question, why we are hereon this earth? I am also a member of film writer association of India and a theater actor cum director. Read More...

It's not a creation, It's a Projection through Expression

Books by Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary

Let us ride into an epic journey from the inception of our universe to the projection of human race. It is a much awaited revelation of human history, the unified science, which binds science and religion into a continuous process of existence and gives all our answers under a common purpose. What human is? What god is? Why we are here and how we are here? Generations upon generations in human history have been lost without knowing these answers. But if this b

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