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Shubham Rathore

Erum Part-2

By Shubham Rathore in Travel | Reads: 167 | Likes: 1

Erum is resting in her hut after dinner and then suddenly Tamil music piercing her ears and she wake up and go out to see the source of the music. She is flabbergasted by the scene, all the guest from their hut come to the common area which is covered by coconut trees and banana trees, a big speaker  Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 01:07 PM


By Shubham Rathore in Horror | Reads: 228 | Likes: 2

Randeep and khiyati are on road trip and they are passing through a deserted place, dark night, little sprinkles of rain are going on and they enjoying themselves. Music is on “Phli bar” from “Dil dhadakne do” Khiyati dancing on her seat. Sprinkles turn into heavy rain. Sudde  Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 12:06 PM

Erum Part-1

By Shubham Rathore in Travel | Reads: 367 | Likes: 2

“I have never seen beach. I want to see beach” says Erum to Imran while resting herself on him. Imran and Erum rubbing their hand on one another and talking in almost whisper. “Really you have never seen beach, an ocean. It is fantastic there, calmness even there is hassle around,   Read More...

Published on Jun 3,2020 01:06 PM

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