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Srujana Kotha

Then and now

By Srujana Kotha in Poetry | Reads: 112 | Likes: 1

Then the birds sang at gossiping people under them,  Now the birds chirping as no one is at their home’s shade..... Then the zooans whirled as li'l ones mesmerized at them, Now the zooans are sadly idle as no one visits them...... Then the breeze on the way got dimples by glancing at  Read More...

Published on Jun 9,2020 03:23 PM

A Tale of mother's love

By Srujana Kotha in Crime | Reads: 139 | Likes: 1

A mother gazing out through a window holding a mug of coffee with a lot of regretful thoughts running in her mind, is wondering why she was given a heart that always pumps tears rather than blood in her veins. She used to wakeup with peaceful mind loaded with positive vibes and now she is waking up   Read More...

Published on Jun 9,2020 12:10 PM

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