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Set in the early 19th century, the story entails the life of Amaranthine, a young peasant girl who lives in the outskirts of the Kingdom of Elynasia. She leads a humble life filled with hardships in the woods with her mother. Though, she dreams of adventures full of thrills and excitement, she remains grateful for the little things she receives. In a turn of events, when Amaranthine encounters a young man, her life unfolds a new chapter. What she thinks is her

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Farewell Dear Friend

By Bushra in Poetry | Reads: 278 | Likes: 0

True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's about being seperated and nothing changes.It's the friends we meet along the road that help us appreciate the journey. :) Just beside you or far away, true friends are forever close to your heart. They are like the wind. You can never see  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:13 PM


By Bushra in True Story | Reads: 394 | Likes: 0

I've changed apartments, buildings, cities and countries all my life... I can't refresh my childhood memories all the time cause I can't go back to those days or enter those homes that I've lived in through the years... But الحمدلله Allah has blessed me with every happiness and standing in f  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:09 PM

Birthday Wish for a nephew

By Bushra in Poetry | Reads: 274 | Likes: 0

For the past years, since you were bornI never had the chance to celebrate you or to bondBut when I did, I decided not to get youA cool gadget or some awesome giftThat would impress you in any wayI haven’t thrown you a really amazing partyBut there are pearls of wisdomThat I want to share with  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:08 PM

A Saudi National Day Special

By Bushra in Travel | Reads: 230 | Likes: 0

"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."Missing the sands of my land on this special day, the land I grew up in.I wish you could see it. You will fall in love with this creed of sands that seem inexpressible in words. You will cherish it because the desert is a pla  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:07 PM


By Bushra in Poetry | Reads: 339 | Likes: 0

You were a quiet man, but your silence spoke volumesIt's been 11 years and nothing is the same anymoreSince you're gone, you've taken the spark with you I assumeAnd without your eager eyes waiting for my arrival, there's nothing left for me back homeYou and nani looked out for me in ways I could've   Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:03 PM

Text Message

By Bushra in Thriller | Reads: 392 | Likes: 0

It was a rainy night. I unlocked the front door of my house porch and made my way inside. "Great!" I whispered to myself. I was a complete mess. Who knew it would rain suddenly, it was totally uncalled for. I look down at myself and witness my wet clothes and muddy shoes. I decide to first fresh  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:01 PM

An Open Letter to Indian Society

By Bushra in General Literary | Reads: 259 | Likes: 0

When you read this, you will say, “Girls with a long tongue are the reason why rape happens. They deserve it.” It’ll just add to your explanations of why rape is okay. But I’m done. I’ve heard enough from you. You ask, “Why the boy is held responsible?” Wel  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 07:00 PM

Already Broken

By Bushra in Poetry | Reads: 213 | Likes: 0

  “Fat, dumb, ugly.   Stupid, useless, worthless.   A waste of space…”   And the taunts go on, without an end.   She covered her ears to stop them all,   to escape her fears and make amends   to her heart, which was already broken.   No matt  Read More...

Published on Apr 11,2020 06:58 PM

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