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Sheetal Rajput


My Little Cat

By Sheetal Rajput in General Literary | Reads: 68 | Likes: 0

One day I was playing in my backyard with my brother. That day my little cat Bubu seemed to be very enthusiastic. He zestfully climbed upon a nearby drumstick tree. I and my brother watched him doing so. His over enthusiasm motivated him and he went on climbing up. After reaching at the to  Read More...

Published on Jul 24,2020 02:40 PM

The Lion and His Progeny

By Sheetal Rajput in General Literary | Reads: 89 | Likes: 0

One day the king lion was roaming around in the jungle. He saw the zebra, the rabbit, the mouse, and the peacock were chatting together. When all the animals saw king lion arriving they started some serious discussion. As the lion moved towards them, instead of running away they all decided to stay   Read More...

Published on Jul 21,2020 03:47 PM

The Flower and The Butterfly

By Sheetal Rajput in General Literary | Reads: 60 | Likes: 0

One day a butterfly was roaming around in a garden to suck the nectare of flowers. After having her nectare, she said to the flower, "You are so lucky that a beautiful butterfly like me has chosen you for the nectare." To this the flower quickly replied, "You are lucky too, as you have sucked the ne  Read More...

Published on Jul 20,2020 02:28 PM

The Mango Tree and the Palm Tree

By Sheetal Rajput in General Literary | Reads: 83 | Likes: 0

A mango tree and a palm tree were standing beside each other. The palm tree humiliated the mango tree by mockingly saying, " I am so tall and you are so short."  The mango tree peacefully replied, " Dear friend, it is good to be short as kids can climb upon me. They play on me and they also eat  Read More...

Published on Jul 19,2020 02:26 PM

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