Diary Of Someone

By paranjay in Poetry | Reads: 180 | Likes: 0

Diary Of Someone -  I   Unnerves me to find my shifting moods, Now  puppeteer’d by your every move. Autumn trees as shed their leaves, Lying on the ground still as day, Your tears now, imprinted on me. As exposed is ground to scorch of sun, And raging clouds of their rain, All you do to me is d  Read More...

Published on Feb 27,2021 05:52 PM

The Eternal Tailwind

By paranjay in Travel | Reads: 249 | Likes: 0

Tradition, I believe is destiny's bastard child that intertwines the scales of fate. In the canvas of life while we paint our vivid pictures, every so often tradition comes along to give us refuge. Once again we drink our fill of distant memory at the same old, decrepit watering hole. Taxing time aw  Read More...

Published on Sep 1,2020 02:43 PM

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