Koe Kullan

Dreamer, Procrastinator, Imaginary
Dreamer, Procrastinator, Imaginary

Koe Kullan (Left in the picture) is a play on the Tamil words for king and midget. Koe is someone that has his ideal self talking to him every day. Sometimes he listens to his ideal self, sometimes he does not. The most interesting times are when this ideal self becomes a storyteller. Stories that take the Koe to worlds he has not seen and meet characters he can never imagine existed. They come from all walks of life (although most of them are an amalgamation of what his experiences in life have revealed to him, subconsciously). Koe currently resides in Thailand and is employed in a job that iRead More...


The Siege of Ponni

Books by Koe Kullan

Kula must capture the fabled city of Ponni, but his time is running out. He must move fast before his window of opportunity closes.

Meanwhile, a force is amassing beyond the Kaatumale hills. A force that can destroy everything that Kula has worked for.

Will Kula win the Siege of Ponni?

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By Koe Kullan in Poetry | Reads: 105 | Likes: 1

How bright? how brilliant? He looks up in awe. How beautiful a thing he has the privilege to bear. How shimmering? How filled with joy? He looks around the darkness far away, at bay, because of her.   "My pretty one" he calls out. "How happy you make me"   She lowers her lips, and he raises his ba  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 10:16 PM

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