Author & Martial Arts Practitioner
Author & Martial Arts Practitioner

SHRIJIT NANDA, an author and martial arts practitioner. Born in India, currently lives in Ranchi, and has completed intermediate before inaugurating a journey as a writer. He started writing as a hobby and now influences people with his self-experiences through love and romantic writeup, poems, and one-liners and showed them the bright side with hope.Read More...



Books by Shrijit Nanda

The Partial Crush is designed to be used by all couples, teens, young engaged, men & women who consider love is unexpected, not surprises, just small gestures. Remembering small things you don’t expect anyone to remember but they do. Confessions, when they open up to you and find comfort in you. Realisations, appreciation, a hug and a forehead kiss you didn’t ask but really needed.

I feel her voice etched on parchment now browning at t

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Books by Shrijit Nanda

A teen love story, with experiences filled up with romance, tragedy and self help that would help with every lover and teen to have a bright relationship.

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Give Me Chocolate

By SHRIJIT NANDA in Romance | Reads: 820 | Likes: 57

“What are you doing?” I walked into her room. Apparently she had forgotten to lock the door before she’d decided to suffer through a mental breakdown. She sat in the corner of her room, on the floor, with her arms wrapped around her knees and her blanket draped around her shoulders  Read More...

Published on Oct 27,2022 06:11 PM

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