Indie Author Championship #6

ram H singhal

Yatra 2021

Books by Ram H Singhal

Yatra is a Sanskrit word derived from the roots ‘ya’ and ‘tra’. The word ‘ya’ means “movement” and ‘tra’ means ‘to liberate’.
Life is a Yatra, so is Love, so is Friendship, so is Prayer, so is Gratitude and so is ‘Own zerO’.
‘Own zerO’ is a Sacred Yatra of exploring basic questions of life.
‘Yatra 2021 with Own zerO’ – A multidimensiona

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Books by Ram H Singhal

OWN ZERO is a Glimpse of Wisdom. It will thread you into your own questions and own answers. as you will make it a food for thought , it will taste better and better and help you taste the nector of eternity.

Explore your own language of essence , wear it like a perfume to spread your fragrance into this world and gift it to your near and dear ones.

Love all.

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