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T.Krishna dinesh

Writer. Traveling.
Writer. Traveling.

Life is always a mystery try to chill out. Live the moment.Make it count.love to interreact with people.love traveling. music lover.All izz well. Change is the essence of life.Read More...


Golden Memories of life

Books by T.krishna Dinesh

This is tale of the college life phase which has abundant memories and which cherish the beauty of the college life. Most of the moments occurred in this tale are from the experience of my own and rest of the characters are my classmate and friends of mine.

Although my book is intended purely for bring back the memories of the college life phase of everyone who has cherished many beautiful moments in their life.

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Books by T.krishna Dinesh

The Garuda Purana is one of 18 Mahāpurāṇa texts in Hinduism. 

It is a part of Vaishnavism literature corpus, primarily centering around Hindu god Vishnu. 

It is in the form of a dialog between Vishnu and Garuda, the King of Birds. 

The second section of this Purana (given here) deals with issues connected with death, particularly funeral rites and the metaphysics of reincarnation.

Suuthamuni told this purana t

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Books by T. Krishna Dinesh

These are the tales of the Lord shiva, Maha Deva.

Which is taken from the puranas and skanadas and epic tales. 

These are the tales taken from the Shiva Puranas.

Many of us don’t know the origin of the MahaDeva.

In this book, we will know the tales of Mahadeva and his leelas.

What are his Avatars?

What is Jyotirlinga?

You will get to know complete history of Maha Deva.

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Dhanur Veda

Books by T.krishna Dinesh

The Dhanur Veda is the book that says about the celestial weapons used by the Devatas. God and goddess in Hindu mythology.

The Dhanur Veda was considered as the Veda which is related to the warfare tactics and which is in between 1100-800 BCE. It was traditionally regarded as upaveda attached to the Yajurveda.

It is contributed to the Bhigru or Vishawamitra or Bharadwaja.

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Jaya Samhita- Mahabharata

Books by T.krishna Dinesh

These are the some of events and characters in the epic tale of the Kurukshetra War which was fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Krishna, the avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu, guides the Pandavas to victory in this war. 

We all know the epic war Kurukshetra but many don’t know what happened after the epic war who many survived in it, effects and all. 

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Jamadagnya Rama

Books by Krishna Dinesh

It is a tale of an Indian mythology character called Parashurama.

Parashurama, a warrior sage who helped to put Dharma on its legs means the Parashurama is described in some versions of the Mahabharata as the angry Brahmin who with his axe, defeated a huge number of Kshatriya warriors because they were abusing their power.

Some of the unknown stories about him.

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Love beyond the galaxies

Books by T. Krishna Dinesh

This is the tale of man love story who travelled to another world beyond our galaxies to see the love which is limitless and pure.

This is the story of the woman that has made this epic story. This story is about first love in this world.

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Books by T.krishna Dinesh

These are some of the tales from the epic Indian Mythology called   “Ramayana”

The character is called “Ravana Asura”.

The great being of the epic timeline and unsung hero, nice soul.

He is worshipped as god also in some country. Let’s us know some of the great tales of an unsung hero.

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The Unsung Hero

Books by T.krishna Dinesh

It is about a guardian angel called Father.

like most of us who are missing our Dads, we would rather spend the day in quiet dread.

We long for the day to disappear, where social media, and reminders of happy, zippy families are somewhere else.

Our experiences shape our relationships and in return, create deeper connections with our loved ones. 

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Tales of unknown origin

Books by T.krishna Dinesh

These are the stories of a boy who watches some videos of a ghost which are a mystery and imagine a  fiction out of them.

 These tales are emerged out of a boy’s imagination.  These stories will be the boy’s own experience of what had actually happened in that context.

These are the individual stories which will not be connected with each other but will excite the reader to the core.

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