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Meet me in the middle,  With an open mind,  Set aside differences,  We're the same kind, trying the love to settle  I have heard it's blind emotions are subtle, feelings inclined, journey has struggle, destination is destined, the fight and troubles, with no solutions in mind, when trust juggles  Read More...

Published on Feb 28,2021 03:01 PM


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I see the reflection of my happiness, In your eyes , Picture perfect A dance move so correct , No worries,fears or lies,  Like a bouquet of poises,  May it be rose or pansy, Chemistry among us is toofancy, Lighten up the candle for a fine dine, The sparkle the shine, Hand in hand is so divine, Sta  Read More...

Published on Feb 28,2021 02:57 PM


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2010, New Delhi. I am a 70 year old woman trying to console myself after 13 days long funeral of my husband. In the whole chaos I haven't find time to miss him for once. Holding the rose preserved in an old book I can still feel the freshness of the petals when I held it for the first time. 1960, De  Read More...

Published on Feb 27,2021 01:59 PM

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