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That Week

Books by Dhatree Suneeth Maradana

Dhatree and Ishita were in love for a couple of years and are very happy with each other. They're planning to have their wedding son but life has some dark plans for them. Just in seven days, their life changes for as long as they live. Read to find out what happened. 

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A Story of Mine

Books by Dhatree Suneeth Maradana

People come and people go. While few leave us instantly, few come and stay forever. This is a story about those people who stay, support and make you live

Archita is someone Teja adored for two years yet couldn’t confront her due to his insecurities of rejection. Once they meet and think that things are finally falling into place, a tornado arises in the form of a stranger from the past, whom they thought that they had left behind. Clashing with

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7PM Walk

By Dhatree Suneeth Maradana in True Story | Reads: 2,954 | Likes: 40

Smiling and staring at the phone call, I slowly started to walk away from the Shop buying nothing. Not because I wanted nothing, it's just the high prices. Even while writing this I can't stop thinking of the cost of the spoons I saw, Single piece cost's  NINETY-NINE RUPEES!! they also added th  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 11:49 PM

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