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Art Teacher

Books by Ankita Meher

It's a Short Story, We need skills to succeed in our work and with these skills, a Teacher could be a great master and a Student could be a great learner.

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My friend God Story

Books by Ankita Meher

This story is about the true relationship between God and Tina. Where she wants God to tell her a story.

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By Ankita Meher in Adventure | Reads: 852 | Likes: 0

Meena was sitting alone thinking about the Time around her. She was the good well good in academics as well as made herself achieve more. She was watching her friends playing and she was simply sitting. There her friends made her a call, hey! will you not play with us . She said, she was not in good  Read More...

Published on Oct 21,2022 12:44 PM

Superpower Of Mind

By Ankita Meher in Historical | Reads: 981 | Likes: 0

I need the superpower of mind, now the reason comes to be why I choose this? I would have choose Healing which means ability to heal people and animals making them fit and fine so that no disease could make them weak or Object manipulation ability to change objects or Element manipulation ability to  Read More...

Published on Oct 21,2022 12:29 PM

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