naman Srivastava

An old lady a diary of a five years old child

By naman Srivastava in Mystery | Reads: 1,729 | Likes: 1

There was an old lady from my neighbourhood, I always used to see him on the streets, she was pale skiny and old, kids called her grandma, At the end of the road she had a house with beautiful trees and a large backyard, her house was just on the bank of the river, There was a beautiful garden on he  Read More...

Published on Jul 6,2022 02:47 AM

The little firefly of mundo de la hierba.

By naman Srivastava in Fantasy | Reads: 1,085 | Likes: 2

There are many ways to tell a story, more than that there are many ways to write it,A writer writes his feelings in his stories, Even his feelings, which he cannot tell to anyone, cannot even tell to his close ones.There he writes his dreams and his desires in his story,Many times we read the story   Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 03:22 AM

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