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Reshmy Raphy

Writer | Blogger | Architect
Writer | Blogger | Architect

An author and architect weaving dreams in magic set to shatter the glass ceilings. A confident and positive soul that doesn't settle for any less. Read More...


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The Land of 5000

Books by Reshmy Raphy

'The Land of 5000' is a fictional tale set on an imaginary island. The tale gives a picture of the journey of its people. A dedication to all the relationships forged during one's college years. With bright and peppy illustrations by Ruchithra Dinesh and Shruti Rustagi, this tale will take you down memory lane. The immense grief from not having a yearbook is said to have been the prime motivation for this book. Most common side effects include wanting to call

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Stories Nobody told You

Books by Reshmy Raphy

Stories have the power to build one's conscience. 'Stories Nobody told You' is a collection of stories that can build one's thoughts and think out of the age-old regressive ways. It paves way for stories to stem from reality and brings us closer to our thoughts rather than pulling away into a utopian fantasy. With the perfect blend of realism and fantasy, this book will stand out in the genre of children's stories. This collection of stories are perfect for yo

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Will it rain again?

Books by Reshmy Raphy

This poetry collection revolves around the theme of 'Rain'. We understand and interpret rain in our own unique ways. While the same rain could hold a million different meanings, discover what meaning rain holds in your life through this poetic journey. Written in short and simple English yet filled with emotions, this poetry collection will lend a beautiful tint to your rainy months. 

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Childhood in a Sachet

Books by Reshmy Raphy

A collection of witty, humorous, and relatable tales along with a poetry collection 'Yara' set out to engage every last man standing. The author manages to invoke emotions through the use of simple words and narration style. A perfect companion for your short commutes and relaxing evenings. 

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A world apart

By Reshmy Raphy in Poetry | Reads: 60 | Likes: 0

Lost in the thoughts of the mind, We stand worlds apart yet a blink away. Lost in the buzz of the city, We stand a silence away. Lost in the lemons of life, We stand a screen away. From my world to yours,  a journey that keeps me immortal. From your world to mine, a journey that keeps you immortal.  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 01:11 AM


By Reshmy Raphy in Poetry | Reads: 67 | Likes: 1

I keep secrets. Secrets that I and my diary alone know, I would lock them away if not for my heart, A sucker for love, my heart longs, Drink after drink, Chocolate after chocolate, Day after day, Movie after movie; I realized, the world of what-ifs cloud my head. The brain sat to analyze, Pros and  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 01:02 AM

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