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Precisely Inaccurate

Books by Sreelekha Pabbisetty

Set in the late 90s, 'Precisely inaccurate' is a fictional story that plunges into the lives of Aarohi and Pranav, where the tale's protagonists are their only antagonists. When a boon feels like a curse, when a wise decision turns wicked, when a simple life story takes twists and turns, what did a duo do to set up the flow of their lives? Having grown up in equally peculiar environments, leading completely incomplete lives, holding perfectly

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Becoming a better human

Books by Sreelekha Pabbisetty

BECOMING A BETTER HUMAN is a collection of 21poems that takes you through a tranquil journey of poetry. Whilst giving you the sugary touch of poetry, It helps you to introspect and welcome a new change that turns you into a better version of yourself. People have deepest hidden pains that are ineffable and ungovernable. This book is a small attempt to alleviate that piercing torment. Each poem a day gives one new thought every day hence trying to make you a be

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Does love love?

By Pabbisetty Sreelekha in Poetry | Reads: 75 | Likes: 2

Love God, As he fills hope in your heart. Love your Mom, As she loves you more than what you love. Love your Dad, As he cares about you more than what you do. Love Yourself, As you are the only one who remains with you 24/7. Love Nature, As it is making you live. Love Love, As it is making yo  Read More...

Published on Feb 25,2021 12:18 PM

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