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Peaceful Writers International is a global Whatsapp writing community and an Indian based Publication providing Inscribing platform to amateur and budding writers to prove and brushen up their writing skills globally. It's a publication working in certain countries like •    Kenya •    Nigeria•    South Africa•    Ghana•    Zimbabwe•    Mauritius We provide paid publishing services, organize writing events, Open Mics, monthly fests and commemorate anthologies to celebrate the joy of writing. Visit: www.peacefulwritersinternational.comOrReach out to us: peacefulwriterRead More...



Books by Naaz Nayim

This book is a compilation of unconfessed thoughts of 20 co-authors accross the globe. There are words which we hesitate to speak out but for a writer the alternative way is to pen their unconfessed thoughts. 

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Beautiful Soul Collection

Books by Semina Firozbhai Himani

The title of this book - beautiful soul collection - refers to a collection of motivational quotes and poems. There are so many motivational quotes, I put on different topics in this book as such there are so many types and topics of quotes and poems like on life, pain, negativity, positivity, smile, family, life is a journey and much more. This book also contains many poems on various topics, some of which are dedicated to particulars such as mom, friends, se

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Books by Vibhor Bijoy

Coffee my love is a book that gives readers an insight that how coffee binds people together in times of joy, pain and stress. It illustrates that coffee is not just a beverage as it unites in a diversified India.

Readers will find peace after reading short stories and poems beautifully expressed by our 20 writers from various parts of India.

We hope after reading this coffee will be an emotion for the country.

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The Tiny Tale

Books by Naaz Nayim

This book is a medley of flash fiction depicting the ongoing scenario. In this industrious and sedulous world, intricating incidents are common. This book describes such incidents in the form of four genre. This book will surely boost up your positiveness, zeal and confidence to be a firm victim of such incidents. This book is a contribution to literature with a specific genre as cherry on top of a cake as you read and relate

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The Adorable Prod

Books by Noor Tabassum

THE ADORABLE PROD is a beautiful collection of three romantic and women-oriented stories that portray love and women's strength. Women are the epitome of strength, love, tolerance, and patience. They may be fragile physically, but they are headstrong and rigid regarding what they believe. When she is loved and respected, she surrenders the entire world to the one who loves her. At the same time, if she is treated with hatred, and disrespect she can destroy the

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Virtually Surviving

Books by Naaz Nayim & The Anuradha

The book "VIRTUALLY SURVIVING" compiled by Naaz Nayim & The Anuradha under Peaceful Writers International Publishing House with 30 enthusiastic Co-authors with variety of languages & literary genres, signifies how the new generation ignores the moral values which was carried forward from ancient times by our ancestors & great sages sharing the importance of true life & alerts to survive fully & express real emotions instead of fake reactions socially for happi

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Beautifully Splingtered

Books by Saurabh Sant Gyaneshwar Khobragade

Beautifully splintered is a book of broken-hearted people thoughts and lost hope. It comprises of whole feelings of love, depression and loneliness and this book defines that love has two sides, one is good and one is bad and this book describes the feeling of a heartbroken writer.

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Books by The Anuradha & Keshav Kumar

It's not just a word but an emotion that can't be felt by normal individuals who take love for granted. Anushavanu is a divine power given by the creator of earth & it's the symbol of 2 beautiful souls who care for each other's feelings & I'm ready to sacrifice my supreme love for the one who makes me feel special by every possible way to be impressive in his works & words by being expressive in many special techniques... This love is so pure & graceful becaus

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Yaar Kalakar

Books by Aman Akhtar

The book “Yaar Kalakar” is a collection of Shayari, Poems and Stories by the young author Aman Akhtar. Published under Peaceful Writers International, this book talks about love, life and a lot more. The title “Yaar Kalakar” tries to portray the life of a writer and its mixed emotions like happiness, love, and sadness in the form of a collection presented by the author.

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Books by Anamta Khan

Dastaan-e-Mohabbat is an anthology compiled by Anamta Khan. With the contribution of 100 writers, this book is the first-ever anthology compiled by her. Also, this is one of the fastest anthologies compiled under Peaceful Writers International Publishing House. As the title says, "Dastaan-e-Mohabbat" is all about stories and verses of love and its forms. A compiled work of talented writers and a hardworking compiler, the compilation process of the book was per

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The Warrior: Bro

Books by Sattwika Chatterjee

The book “THE WARRIOR: BRO” contains write-ups dedicated to the affectionate sibling’s bond. Published under Peaceful Writers International, this book is compiled by Sattwika Chatterjee. This is a special book launched on the beautiful occasion of “Bhai Dooj” marking the true love between a brother and a sister. This is the first-ever anthology compiled by the young enthusiastic girl Sattwika. Combining the efforts and feelings of

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Books by The Anuradha

The book compiled by The Anuradha in cooperation & support with 25 Co-authors, variety of themes & literary genres in Hindi & English language, named as ISLAND ONLY FOR READERS signifies that this book represents an island but only genuine readers are welcomed here because unless a person picks the book to read, it will not be useful to them. Island is a beautiful natural place where extreme levels of relaxation & peace can be felt by every living organism. So

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Let The Heart Speak

Books by Reet Chauhan& The Anuradha

The book “LET THE HEART SPEAK” compiled by Reet Chauhan & The Anuradha under Peaceful Writers International Publishing House with 30 enthusiastic Co-authors with variety of languages & literary genres, signifies the title itself which means one must allow his/her heart to speak frankly & independently whatever it wants to because heart is the most precious & favourite organ of one’s body. The most understanding & favourable thing for which &

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Dear Zindagi

Books by Ayushi Goyal

The anthology "Dear Zindagi" is a collection of write-ups by 100+ co-authors. Compiled by Ayushi Goyal, this book talks about life, its phases, challenges, struggles and a lot more. The book comprises poems inspired by life and its components. Compiled under Peaceful Writers International publishing house, this book brings a collection of emotions and inspirations from our founders, the young compiler and all the co-authors who have made their significant cont

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Vowels Attack

Books by Riya Gupta & The Anuradha

The book "VOWELS ATTACK" compiled by Riya Gupta & The Anuradha under Peaceful Writers International Publishing House with 30 enthusiastic Co-authors with variety of languages & literary genres, signifies the importance of vowels without which every word will be incomplete. Vowels are the need of every word & helps to spell them correctly for proper understanding of the meaning. 

The contribution of Publication team, Founders, Compilers & Co-auth

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पहला पन्ना

Books by आलोक रंजन

पहला पन्ना एक पहला पन्ना नहीं बल्कि एक किताब है। जिसमें मेरा और आपका नहीं हम सबका यथार्थ ख्वाब है।
यह किताब सिर्फ और सिर्फ एक किताब नहीं बल्कि संस्कृति, भाषा, प्रेम, समाज, लोग, वि

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Books by The Anuradha & Shreya Gupta

The book "RAIN & YOU" compiled by cousin sisters Shreya Gupta & The Anuradha under Peaceful Writers International Publishing House with 30 enthusiastic Co-authors with variety of languages & literary genres, signifies the beauty of rain how it can cherish every person or thing when they are in combination with pure water of heaven comes on the earth to freshen every soul & give the hope for the most pleasant experience that can never fail to spread relaxation

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