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Nightingale Basumatary , 21 graduated from sharda university with a degree in BBA residing in Bodoland , India believes THE WORLD CAN BECOME A BETTER PLACE THROUGH FICTION Mercury retrogate is her debut novel and she will continue to endeavor in the same genre for the upcoming series . Stay tuned .Read More...


Mercury Retrogate

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“He was like a contamination I feared I would catch but in seconds I realised my heart was already coughing in extremities.” She cringed this time, she realised a little late, she thought of him every minute she breathed her last. 

Totum City is situated in north pacific in a small country called Gardenia and is outlandishly known for more mystical factors that can do greater vandalism than greater good that Charlotte Shapp

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By Nightingale Basumatary in Mystery | Reads: 2,896 | Likes: 9

There are times when I want to be the bad person this world so badly needs. We stood drenched in paint-water splashed by our cunning landlady. If my siblings were not in such proximity I wouldn't wait a second to think about those damned consequences. But with 14 year old Ben, twins barely six   Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 04:57 PM

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