Deepali K Agarwal

Fear gone Rouge!

By Deepali K Agarwal in True Story | Reads: 1,305 | Likes: 2

Fear in life they say is like Salt to food. Very important for basic survival instincts, keeping us safe in fool-hardy situations, yet what would life be like if this basic instinct went rogue. Well! It becomes a story of doom, destruction and hell for a beautiful life. This is exactly what happened  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 08:38 PM

Do they really exist!

By Deepali K Agarwal in Supernatural | Reads: 1,277 | Likes: 1

A girl like any other girl in your neighbourhood, people who saw her generally ignored her as most of us do, she was the girl next door, quiet, shy and to her parent's dismay, a recluse of a day dreamer. A misfit who found her own company entertaining. Her name was Shivalika. Born in a regular India  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 01:57 PM

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