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Dr Ramesh C Raina

Author, Mentor and Speaker
Author, Mentor and Speaker

A compassionate, people-loving, and caring person; Dr. Ramesh C Raina is fondly known as “r c raina”.He was born in a small village called Chinigund on 18th May 1964. He grew up among Sufi saints and mystics in the valley of Kashmir India covered by dense Himalayan mountains. The village would remain under heavy snow for five to six months every year. He was groomed by his mother during the early childhood. She inculcated values and ethics in a young child which remained his way of life. Brought up by his father a humble and famous school teacher, Dr. Raina adhered to his father’s instruRead More...

Ignorance To Awareness

Books by Dr. Ramesh C Raina

The Book on “Ignorance to Awareness”, is a practical guide that describes Transformation and Elevation Techniques and Processes in easy-to-follow steps.

Ancient Vedic Sciences has identified six main disorders in Human Beings and they are Lust, Anger, Attraction, Greed, Ego, and Envy. These six disorders are the root cause of all problems which one faces in Life. Often, lust is treated as a behavioral problem but ancient Vedic Scienc

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