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Young writer
Young writer

Mohammed Arsalan Khan, Pen name- M.A.Khan. Is a young writer who started writing at the age of fourteen! Since his childhood he has had keen interest in astonishing works of J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. It wasn’t much later that he found his way into writing poems, quotations and thoughts of his own! Debuting with his short collections book ‘The Insatiable Words’ he’d set his pen into the world of writing and now there’s no turning back for him.Read More...


The Insatiable Words

Books by M. A. Khan

The Insatiable words. A collection of short poems, quotations, and thoughts which will make your mind look deep within words and feel the emotions they carry. These short poems travel through deep sense of thoughts and reflection of one’s true self. The powerful words used in this short collection will surely leave you with a better view of life and its stages when you sit at leisure; leaving your minds with tons of insatiable thoughts.

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By Mohammed Arsalan Khan in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,271 | Likes: 3

Again  July 30th like every other usual day was very chaotic and full of energy at Midtown High School. The voices in the distance were of children, running and playing to their fullest on the ground. But all of that spirit faded away as classroom 11 B approached, the air in the corridor went   Read More...

Published on Oct 20,2022 01:32 PM

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