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Kumar Dipanshu

Kumar Dipanshu is a marketing professional with keen interests in Human Psychology, Spiritual advancement and World Politics. He has co-founded a couple of start-ups, runs online Shri Bhagwad Gita Discourses for youngsters and loves mentoring budding entrepreneurs. In his spare time, he can be found either cooking or enhancing his knowledge about Sanatan culture and working closely with young students and professionals, helping them succeed in their career through counselling, job search, soft-skill development and conflict resolution. He is also involved in initiatives focusing on females on Read More...

Next 5000 Years

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As the efforts towards rekindling the glory of Sanatan culture gains momentum, the challenges faced on the home turf continue to haunt and threaten us to impede any significant progress. For a Hindu not identifying himself or herself as a ‘Traditionalist Hindu’ or a ‘Political Hindu,’ it becomes quite difficult to find a sense of belongingness and contribute to the process of discovering the grand narrative.  Can this be termed as a ‘cultural hangov

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